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About Us

Astralink was incorporated in July 1996 as a technology start-up, with partial funding from the Economic Development Board of Singapore. Our headquarters is in Singapore with strong business partners in the region. We have a highly charged and cohesive R&D team, capable of delivering innovative and competitive solutions.

Astralink started as a company specializing in consumer cordless telephones. In 1997, we launched our flagship product, the multi-award winning ClipFone, the world first smallest and coolest cordless handset. Since then, Astralink has gained a successful record of providing products to regional telcos, and was a world pioneer in the development and provision of Fixed Line SMS products.

Over the years, Astralink has strengthened its core competencies and expanded its technology platforms.

Now with the launch of Smart Elderly Monitoring and Alert System (SEMAS), Astralink is the amongst the leading Singapore companies with innovative products featuring voice, data and video. Astralink’s mission to is enable people to keep in touch with easy to use and install solutions.