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What is Smart EARs - Care Plus

LifeCare Smart EARs - Care Plus detects fall via a wearable fall detector and triggers immediate push notification alert to loved ones and caregivers.

Fall Detection Emergency Alert and Response

When a fall is detected, caregivers and loved ones with LifeCare App installed will receive a push notification with option to make a call can be directly to the LifeTouch 2.0 home gateway with automatic pickup. Caregivers and loved ones would not need to worry about getting connected.

Push Notifications with Escalation

Support up to 4 users for Level 1 & 2 response, in which Level 1 users are notified first-hand to respond within a programmable time limit. Failing which, Level 2 users will be notified to respond. Optionally, subscription for Level 3 - 24/7 call center response service is available to ensure final response by professional responders.

Level 1

e.g. Next-of-kins

Level 2

e.g. Relatives

Level 3

e.g. 24/7 Call Center

Features & Benefits

Fall detection

A push notification is automatically sent to caregivers if a fall is detected.


Support up to 4 users and 3 levels of response when notification is sent.

Access to 24 /7 Command Centres

Optional subscription for 24/7 command centers to ensure final response from professional trained responders.

Starter Kit Package & Installation Requirement

LifeTouch 2.0

LifeTouch 2.0 is a 7” LED internet connected gateway designed to connect and provision sensors of a wide range of protocol to the AT.Things Cloud for Smart Emergency and Attendant Response Services.

Easy set up

Plug into AC Power and connect to broadband via ethernet.

1 Fall detector

The fall detector is a shower proof, battery operated bluetooth device. Battery is rechargeable and connects to any bluetooth gateway that is provisioned to AT.Things Cloud for Fall detection Emergency and Attendant Response Service.


Sensors work with existing gateways and mobile apps. No additional gateways are required if you have an existing LifeCare Smart EARs System.

Mobile App
LifeCare Mobile App

Users are provided with the LifeCare mobile app to receive push notification for personalised response anytime, anywhere.